Conceptualize project

Financial feasibility analysis


We do not require any significant capital investment by academic partners, although they always have the option of investing in our projects. Campus Continuum takes on the responsibility for arranging financing.

Market assessment

Taking into account both consumers’ and the school’s preferences, the market assessment will indicate whether the project should be designed as a 55+ Active Adult Community normally appealing to younger seniors, or as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (including health care facilities), targeted at older seniors—or as a customized hybrid of the two.

Real estate development

Campus Continuum coordinates RFPs to qualified real estate developers and negotiates financial arrangements to maximize the benefits to the school.

Plan lifestyle program

What differentiates Campus Continuum communities from other real estate projects targeted at seniors is the close link to a college or university, and the lifestyle offered. Program planning for success includes:


A percentage of residences must be pre-sold to obtain construction financing. Campus Continuum uses a comprehensive, integrated marketing approach, typically employing:

Campus Continuum is also responsible for post-construction marketing and for marketing resales, with the goal of maintaining the character of the community as a social, learning-oriented, residential community that complements the university.

On-going general management of community

Networking among collegiate senior communities

Campus Continuum conducts research aimed at better understanding the determinants of success (and lack thereof) among college-affiliated senior communities. Success is measured in terms of various metrics including:

In addition, we are building relationships with other college and resort communities interested in forming a time-share network.

Consulting to colleges and developers

We provide consulting services to colleges that are considering whether and how to enter the retirement community marketplace.

Campus Continuum also works with developers that seek assistance from our experienced team to help them bring their college-affiliated projects to successful fruition. We welcome partnership arrangements.