Target market

Campus Continuum offers mature, energetic adults a combination of benefits nowhere else available:

Our communities are typically developed as condominium or co-op ownership. Depending on local market preferences they may include clustered townhouses, single family homes and/or multistory apartment-style flats.

The university's role

We ask our academic partners to provide faculty-like access to their programs and facilities, assist us in marketing to older alumni and other prospective residents not affiliated with the school, and to nominate a Dean of Programs (paid by Campus Continuum). We and other partners provide everything else necessary to bring the project to fruition. No significant capital investment is required from our academic hosts.

Colleges obtain annually recurring revenues from our projects. If the community is built on campus-owned land, the college receives additional compensation either via a sale, long term ground lease or equity, as preferred by the institution.

Campus Continuum's role

Campus Continuum focuses its own resources on providing a unique combination of value-adding activities:

Unlike the developer, Campus Continuum remains with the project – forever – to manage the lifestyle program and on-going marketing.

Campus Continuum earns its compensation from project proceeds – not by charging fees to our academic collaborators.

Campus Continuum